The Post Office

For many Canadians, including those of us in much larger communities, having an actual Post Office in town is a rarity. Most of us visit postal outlets located in convenience stores or pharmacies. This is not the case in Dawson City, a community of less than two thousand, where there exists, on Third Avenue, a real Post Office.

Exactly how this came to be, when Canada Post and  Our Dear Leader seem intent on selling off or dismantling public government buildings and services, is beyond comprehension. Even this building is apparently rented given ODL's aversion to public edifices. For Dawsonites, the Post Office is a community centre of sorts; a place to meet people (and everyone does) and to share information. Perhaps ODL should look at the benefit such a place has on a community. It seems a small investment for such great a reward.

And hey, you even get to send and pick up mail too; stuff that can't be sent virtually, like letters to Santa.

And invitations to dinners, writer's readings (as you can see in the photo above with a poster from the Library for Sherry's reading) community events, and "part of my house is for rent" kind of announcements. The Post Office is a central place; a good one to find in every town. Dawson City is fortunate.

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