My Dog Sledding Experience ~ Redux

I had great fun with my dog sledding experience. It was exhilarating beyond belief. I'm probably not going to compete in this year's Quest, but maybe... next year?

Gaby Sgaga, of West Dawson and keeper of eight sled dogs, made the whole thing look much easier. In addition to sled dogs, Gaby finds time to  write for the weekly: What's Up Yukon

Dan Dowhal, originally from Toronto, and a recent Berton House Writer-in-Residence himself, loved the North, and Yukon in particular, so much, he moved to Dawson City. Here Dan stands patiently, awaiting my triumphant return. Below, that's me in the distance, trying to breathe.

Apparently getting back into the truck is not as easy as getting out. But sled dogs are a happy group as evidenced by this one on the right, and he didn't even get to come with us.

And at the end of another Yukon adventure, there is always a fine reward.

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  1. I always wondered if sled dogs were perhaps treated badly or suffered when pulling people and goods through the snow. From what you've written it seems like the dogs actually enjoy it and it makes me want to try it now!