Now this might be a problem...

Here in the Yukon liquids freeze in winter if left outside. 
When it is cold, as in most of the time, one shouldn't necessarily chill their wine or beer on the porch. 
The porch is much colder than the freezer in the fridge!
Trust me. I know.

Pipes can freeze too. In Yukon, we are warned to not soak the dishes (the inevitable slow drip might cause a problem). We are told to flush the toilet regularly and take long, hot showers or baths every day, and at least once per day. In fact, when it is cold (as in minus forty or better) we should fill the tub with hot water and let it drain, even without bathing. We have a space heater aimed at the toilet and another in a crawl space aimed at other pipes.

Freezing pipes can be a big problem in some of the old buildings around Dawson. And most of the buildings are old.

Here, at the Berton House, we had an issue with the bath tub during a recent cold spell, which the writer's consort was only able to remedy after much effort (but that's why I'm here after all).

The scene we see today, is a problem in the town centre. Lots of action. Much slushy water. Jangling of keys. A street is blocked to vehicular, and pedestrian traffic. It's an inconvenience, and a expense to the citizens of Dawson City. And I suppose they are used to things like this one.

"Did anyone see my keys? I think I dropped my keys. They were here a minute ago. Damn!"

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