My Dog Sledding Experience ~ 3

And we are finally ready. Four dogs pulling, Gaby on the sled, just in case, and me holding on for dear life, as instructed. Now how do you steer this thing?

Wow! This is amazing! 

And he's off! Barking and howling. And the dogs too.

It's difficult to describe the exhilaration of dog sledding: the snow, the cold air, the dogs panting and barking. Brief, too brief, it was an amazing experience. And to be honest, there is much more work involved in dog sledding than just sitting back and letting the dogs do all the work. Going up hill, I had to run with the dogs (never letting go mind you), or push with one foot to help the team. It can be difficult to steer the sled until you catch on. It can be exhausting, but what an amazing rush                            

And all too soon, it's back in the truck for the dogs. 

And into the truck as well for Sherry and her new friend Minnie, who was having a few problems of her own, and recovering nicely. 


  1. I see the writer had her cone removed for the picture.

    1. She had to take it off in order to take the wonderful photos!