My Dog Sledding Experience ~ 2

Gaby Sgaga gets her four dogs in place, while Dan Dowhal and your faithful scribe look on.

I receive some last minute instructions from Gaby. "First: hold on Jim. DO NOT let go Jim. Otherwise YOU will have to chase after the dogs Jim. They will keep running Jim. In fact: they love to run and pull an empty sled! Hang on for dear life Jim! Second: this is the break. Use it to slow down and to stop. But don't let go Jim. The dogs might take off, even with the break in place."      Hmmmm....

"Oh would ya hurry up already!? Ahhh. These southern city guys are all the same."


  1. Anonymous12:29

    WOW!What a wonderful experience...thanks for sharing it brought a smile to my face and a chuckle too! Karen

    1. Thanks for your comment Karen. And yes, it was FUN!