Shopping ~ part 4

Every town has one, and this one is wonderful.

Dawson Hardware, aka Home Hardware, 
is historic on the outside and terrific on the inside. 
Great service, excellent selection, friendly advice. 
Sometimes it's entertaining just to walk around in stores 
like this one. What are those things up on the wall anyway?

The Shell Station. 
No, it doesn't look like a Shell Station, 
but that's what everyone calls it. 

Apparently Shell used to be the gas station in town, but left. The former Shell is now Petro Express
part of a string of outlets through the north owned by a family in Alaska.

The Shell is also the Sears Catalogue Outlet 
(when they call to let you know your purchase has arrived, 
they tell you to pick it up at The Shell).

Petro Express is also the place to buy your Lotto tickets.

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