For Sale. By Owner. Act now!

We walk by a place on Seventh Avenue all the time. Note the writer stands at attention while near the house. Note too the angle of the house.

This house is an example, I believe, of the permafrost thing. As the ground thaws, the house, probably built on frozen ground, shifts. The angle is quite unmistakable. The back end has sunk considerably.

It's a great little house. Taking a shower might be interesting. Having soup for lunch might be amusing. Your beer might slide away on you as you watch the game. Aye, but these are but wee problems don't you know. And look at the wood pile! And the writer standing at attention again.

Imagine my surprise while walking past the house today. "What is that? Could it be? Yes!"

The house is for sale!

Only $99 000. 
Great location. 
Needs a little work.

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  1. Hmm, Jim's new career? Buy, fix and flip Dawson City homes? I don't think SHE will stay if you do... ;)