This isn't going anywhere

There are some brave souls riding bikes around Dawson City even now, in the last half of November. However, most bicycles are like this one, waiting a sunny day ... in May, or June.

This one isn't going anywhere soon.

Nor is this vehicle. Until someone makes an effort. And someone will because driving is something everybody does in Dawson. In the cold, the real cold, cars and trucks are left running while their drivers go in for lunch or groceries or a hair cut.

This one, on someone's front yard, looks nice.

It's amazing to me just how many people drive in Dawson City. Not that driving is all that strange, it's that people seem to drive when it might be easy enough to simply walk. I see neighbours as I walk in the morning. They drive past and wave, sometimes offering a ride. We end up meeting a few minutes later at the Post Office, or the General Store, or both, and then I see them again as I walk home. We are both going for quick trips to get some milk or the mail, or something else we can't be without.True enough, it is cold at times. Cold enough sometimes that I wish I had a car. Even though the distances are short and walking would be nice.

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  1. Wow, this brings back memories. When I was up north, people would look at me in shock when I would tell them that I left the car at home and walked to work (four blocks to the paper, 12 blocks to the t.v. station). Here I was, from "tropical" Vancouver, wearing ski pants, shirt, sweater, jacket, cap, scarf, glove and snow boots, trudging along in -40 weather as people drove by, staring at me like I was a freak!