Shopping in Dawson City ~ part 1

Dawson is a small town. There aren't any big box stores, no malls, and no traffic jams. In the summer, with a population swelling to ten thousand (and mainly Americans apparently) there are more restaurants, hotels, and tourist type stores. In the winter it's a different story. The population settles at eighteen hundred or possibly less as people head off on winter holidays. Shopping is limited to a more dedicated and important group of retailers.

The Liquor Store is one of these important retail operations. It is located in a heritage block of store fronts 
(they look like stores but exist only to give the impression of the history of the place). 
The Liquor  Store is operated by the Yukon Government and is staffed by union employees.

The selection is good and the service: friendly! The store is open Tuesday through Saturday with product tastings on Saturday afternoons. When a stat holiday falls on a Monday, the store closes on Tuesday giving the hard working staff a three day weekend.This can be a problem for customers if they are not prepared 
(though off-sales do exist at a couple of other locations in town).

The Liquor Store is where you go if you want to do something 
with your motor vehicle licenses or if you need a hunting license. 
Ah, yes: drinking, driving and discharging a firearm; all in one location.

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