Shopping ~ part 2

Along Front Street (the street across from the river) is a group of stores and restaurants. Many are closed during winter, but a couple remain open year round. Several of my favourites follow:

Jimmy's Place is a Dawson landmark of sorts having existed in one incarnation or another for many years.

Jimmy's is a salty snacks outlet and movie rental store, not that I would have any interest in salty snacks of course.

I like Maximilian's because it is a well appointed store with many gift items, cards, snacks and most importantly: books and magazines. Here you can buy The New Yorker (essential reading every week), or the Economist, Walrus, Harper's or The Atlantic, along with many others. 

Recent books and Yukon specific titles are also available. Maximilian's is the place to pick up the weekend edition of the Globe and Mail - on Tuesday afternoons. Like Jimmy's, Maximlian's is open every day of the year.

Another regular stop, for me, is the bakery: Cheechakos. It recently winterized and is now open Wednesday through Saturday. Great breads, treats and breakfast sandwiches along with fresh coffee. After freezing your buns, this is a good place to visit before heading home. 

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