Sun Shadows

Since arriving in Yukon at the end of September there has been a change in the arc of the sun. 
There are many bright days in the winter but with each day the star is lower in the sky 
casting long shadows throughout the town.

Above and below: the light of sun on the hills across the river from the town site at 11:00 a.m. 
The shadowed area is due to the hills on the other side of the town. 

Below, from the back lane: our house, The Berton House, at noon, 
the sun still not directly visible. 

In mid-November our house never quite catches any direct sunlight, except a wee bit on the south window 
around 2:00 in the afternoon. For an hour.
Before sunset, at 4:00, our house and yard are back in the shadows.

If it looks cold, it is: minus thirty.

And if this sounds depressing, I suppose it is, though more depressing are those cloudy, dull, overcast days when the world seems monochromatic and without a depth of field and a lack of definition.

But wait, there's more:The Dark is yet to come.

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