Man on the roof

Most houses in Dawson City have metal roofs, 
including the Berton House where we live. 
Roofs need to be cleared on snow every once-in-a-while, especially those that are relatively flat, like ours. 
Water leaks can occur and in our case
these leaks happen over the bed.

Now I suppose I could have gone up on the roof, 
but it seems a great deal to ask of the consort-to-the-writer, and I'm not sure what my union would say. 
In Dawson City, the man to call is Terry.

Yes, it is dangerous said Terry.

Terry is also an earth walker
and delights in sharing his stories.

When Terry left, snow began to fall
and by the next morning we had another 
12 cm on the ground. 

And the roof.

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