The Road

The Road, the brilliant novel by Cormac McCarthy, 
paints a picture of a dull, cold and sunless kind of sky
and the journey of a father and his son.
Nuclear Winter? The Rapture? The book does not elaborate.

The lyrics of The Clash in London Calling remind us:
"The ice age is coming, the sun is zooming in
Engines stop running and the wheat is growing thin"

Often the sky in Dawson City is clear and the sun so bright one needs to wear sunglasses.
 And other times not.

The sun officially rises here at 10:10 PDT. 
Because of the hills, we don't see it 
until closer to noon. 
If the sky is filled with cloud and snow...
it can feel as if we are on the road.

Our sun now sets at 5:50 pm PDT.
Again, because of the surrounding hills, 
it really disappears sooner.

The above photos were taken at 2:30 pm without editing.
The sun appears in all.

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