The Big Dipper Flag

Can you recognize the flag? 
Attractive and elegant in its simplicity, the flag is that of our neighbour: Alaska 
and it shows up on more than just a few flag poles around town.

The design was one of over 700 submitted to a territorial committee in 1927 by a 13 year old Aleut boy: Benny Benson. 
Benny was living in an orphanage in Seward, Alaska when he designed his flag. It has represented Alaska ever since. 
For his efforts Benny was awarded $1000, a trip to Washington DC and an engraved watch.

Prior to 1927, and after 1867 of course, the people of Alaska used the national flag of the USA. 
Up until 1867 Alaska was part of the Russian Empire. 
Yet another great decision by my comrades in Moscow.

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