Crossing the frozen river... Skijoring

The ice bridge, that is the official government approved extension to the highway, has not yet been "built." But people have been moving across the frozen river for some time. At first by foot, and carefully

Cross country skis work too. 

Your faithful correspondent, and consort-to-the-writer, has walked across the river. And more.

Hey, wait a minute! Is that a crack in the ice? 


One way to get across is by skijoringYou put on some skis, and hook up your sled dogs to your body. "Now, help me with this zipper thing would you?"


"Wow! This is fun!"

"Okay. This is great! Now how do I stop this thing?"

Skijoring is an actual winter sport and can be done with a horse, a dog, or dogs. It originated in Norway where it is spelled with more letters and dots over some of them.

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  1. Very cool! I remember skating on frozen lakes in Ontario...always good fun!