My Dog Sledding Experience ~ 1

It begins with a truck ride across the frozen river to West Dawson, with Dan Dowhal. 

The ice bridge, the official Government of Yukon ice bridge, is not yet open, so travelling across the river is at your own risk, but everyone is doing it. 

It's a Sunday afternoon and gloriously mild, around minus twenty. The sky is filled with light snow, and it is a dull, overcast day.

We arrive at Gaby Sgaga's home in West Dawson, where the trees are heavy with snow. 

West Dawson is home to about 150 people, and maybe 300 dogs. The entire area is off the grid: no water, no power, no organised services. 

Gaby's home is beautiful, warm and welcoming. Here Sherry stands outside at  the front. To the left is only a part of the woodpile (off the grid).

Proper introductions are crucial as Sherry discovers.

Sled dogs are important to people in Yukon; a sled dog appears on the territorial flag and while they are no longer essential to the work of the Yukon, they are a significant part of the culture and lifestyle of the people. They are also smaller than I imagined; built for speed and endurance and not heavy lifting.

Gaby puts a harness on her lead dog. We will be taking four dogs on our brief run, each with its own personality and all, along with another three, at this moment, howling with anticipation and excitement, unlike your scribe: quietly reflecting, alone in his thoughts. The best is yet to come.

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  1. Anonymous10:36

    Well done Jim - looks great! Love the pics and the smell of fear in the city boy...lol...gaby