Minus 45

We awoke to a temperature of minus forty-five this morning. The dew point was minus fifty-two. 

A good day for a walk-about don't you think? Well maybe not, but I went out anyway, at around sunrise: 11:10. 

The town was covered in a thick blanket of ice fog.

The ice fog forms near the ground. The hill to the town's north, or the slide, is getting a wee bit of sun. Visibility in town is limited.

And no, there isn't a Farmers' Market here in the winter. We missed that entirely during our three months in Yukon.

There aren't many people walking around at minus forty-five. This morning, three drivers stopped to offer rides, which is a rather nice thing to do, and not an uncommon thing here in Dawson. 

Four hours later, give or take a few minutes, the sun is setting. 

The official temperature has warmed to minus forty-four.

These photos were taken just outside the Berton House . No second walk-about for me. Not today.

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  1. Think about it, when you come back, you will literally be experiencing a 50+ degree change in temperature.

    It looks like either the sun is trying to rise or about set. It looks nice in pictures, but I can imagine it driving me crazy if I was there for such a long period of time. Just the thought of it already irritates me!