Leaving the Yukon

Leaving Dawson City. 
After three months. 
On the shortest day of the year. 

It seemed strange to be leaving after becoming accustomed to the routine of the previous three months. Our thermometer, at The Berton House, was at it lowest since our arrival in late September. Officially, Environment Canada reported Dawson City as the coldest inhabited community on the planet at minus 48. Dawson has been cold all week long, and the coldest place on the planet honours have been going back and forth between Dawson and Mayo (also in the Yukon).

Kathy Webster picked us up, just as she did in the beginning, only this time she dropped us off at the airport for our Air North flight to Whitehorse.

After a long wait (the flight delayed at Old Crow) we made our way onto the tarmac and climbed into a dark cabin, and in spite of the complete lack of light, and frosted spectacles, we eventually found seats. 

Dawson Airport has a small airport, with one gate: Gate 28. It is also not cleared for take offs and landings in the dark, so there was a scramble to get us airborne before the sun slipped away completely. In truth, it looked dark to me.
And so it ended. Our three months in the Yukon. 

More is coming as we journey to Buenos Aires for the next three months. You can follow that adventure, beginning in early January,and more too, at  www.murraychronicles.com

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