The disappearing light & snowmobiles

Looking directly south of the town, at 2 p.m. on December 2, the sun is barely making it over the hills.
Slightly to the west, the hills are receiving some sunshine. There is ice fog at the edge of town.

The town doesn't appear to receive any direct sunlight now.
 We get slightly less than five hours of daylight and that is quickly diminishing.

While there is some comfort in seeing the sun on the hill to the west, the in-between time
especially when it is cloudy, overcast and dull, is disconcerting to me. I can appreciate the dark, 
and I fully understand that reality, but the monotone, the lack of depth, 
and the dullness of the in-between light and dark, the twilight, is slightly depressing to me.

Then again. 
If you have a snowmobile, the in-between light is quite another matter.

Fun way to go into town. Or anywhere. Or nowhere.

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