Shopping ~ part 3

Important stuff: food. 

The Dawson City General Store is open most every day. Maybe even everyday.
The largest of the two groceries in town, The General Store is affiliated with the Co-Op system and has lots of stuff, 
but no fish (except the frozen, packaged stuff).

Friendly place. Large selection.
If it's important to you, keep an eye on the best-by date.

A block away is the Bonanza Market, which seems to have some Safeway products. It opens every day but Sunday.

Bonanza is the smaller of the two stores. It has a great little deli with a nice range of cheeses, meats, made-to-order sandwiches, and some specialty items. It doesn't seem to have any fish at this time of year either, and, only if it matters, watching the best-by date applies here too.

I have come to appreciate both stores. What one doesn't have, the other probably does. 
Except fish of course.

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