And so it begins...


Sherry and I arrived in Dawson just over one month ago. 
I promised myself a blog as a way of sharing some photos and thoughts about our three months in Yukon. Getting that blog going proved more complicated than I anticipated, partly due to technology, or at least cloud technology, 
and partly to my new lifestyle in the North.

When we arrived sunrise was at about 8:30, 
and the sun set around 7:30. 
This morning the sun rose after 9:30 and will set near 6:30.

A month ago we enjoyed some warmer than normal temperatures: some days above plus ten degrees.

Today, we would be happy to see the thermometer rise above minus fifteen.

Now that this blog has officially begun, 
I hope you will view some of my earlier posts. 
I hope too that you will return to see what is happening, 
as I post on an almost daily basis. 

There is much to cover, including my life as 
a consort to the writer 
and my dog mushing experiences (still to come).
At some point I will even walk on water (frozen I hope).

Thanks for joining me.


  1. Good to see you finally have your blog up and running. I read your previous posts and I'm looking forward to reading more!

    Christopher Sun

  2. I presume you will also be skating on frozen water soon, too. I learned to skate on the snow-packed roads of northern Ontario when I was twelve. It's so much better to skate outside than in an arena...:)